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Our services

Thanks to our network of translators across five continents, who are qualified in translation as well as one other area of specialization, LinguaSpirit covers a broad range of sectors.

At LinguaSpirit, all areas of work are considered to be specialist and there is no general translation. All of our translators and proofreaders are experts, allowing a thorough job to be done.

Translation in all domains

As translation is a human science, all translations are proofread separate from the translatorin order to ensure the best quality.

The project manager guarantees the compliance of all commitments such as hiring the best staff, meeting deadlines, ensuring quality control, as well as documents’ confidentiality.

Technical translation calls for knowledge which surpasses that of only linguistic ability. It encompasses many areas such as the following:

Our translators and proofreaders all have an area of specialisation and are often qualified in this sector in addition to being a qualified translator. We choose our translators depending on the type of text you require from us.

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Specialities and Languages


Medical Translation

There is no more sensitive type of translation than medical translation. Highly attuned to precision and detail, all our medical translators have experience in the medical field or a medical or paramedical qualification.

We only work with translators who have at least five years’ experience in the field.

In addition, all translations are proofread by another specialist, guaranteeing high quality every time.

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Our Committment

An impeccable quality

All our translators work exclusively into their native language.

To ensure the highest standards are met, all translations are entrusted to expert editors and proofreaders, depending on the field of activity.

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Our clients

LinguaSpirit works with individuals as well as companies of all sizes. Here are a few of our clients:

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Free trial

We invite you to test our services before you fully commit.

Our free trial allows you one free translation of between 150 and 300 words depending on linguistic combinations. 150 words correspond to around half a page and 300 words a full page.

The translation free trial is carried out under the same conditions as an ordinary request. We respect all the instructions that you have indicated.

This offer allows you to test our responsiveness, how we meet deadlines as well as the quality of our service.

Take advantage of this offer now by completing the form below. (Please be aware that the free trial is for professionals only)

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Calculate your quote

If you already have your document, you can obtain an immediate quote (for our translation service) or receive a quote via email. Click here.

CV Translations

For a cv translation, visit our to receive an immediate quote and order online.

Personalised Quote

Personalised Quote You can also submit your document(s) for a personalised quote. Click here

Word packages.

Discover our word packages.

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To contact us:

Linguaspirit, 25 Rue de Ponthieu 75008 Paris (by appointment only)

Tel : 01 84 17 83 53

E-mail :


Contact form

Individual Professional






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Voluntary translators

Working with LinguaSpirit also helps FreeSpirit! LinguaSpirit created the network FreeSpirit in December 2008 in order to bring together voluntary translators who share the same desire to serve a just cause through their linguistic expertise. Many volunteers are already part of this network. Among them:

  • Young translators looking for experience
  • Highly skilled translators wishing to support a just cause
  • Individuals from other trades who have mastered another language in addition to their native language and wish to use their expertise.

Why join a network of voluntary translators?

As a network, it is always easier to manage projects.

The voluntary translator is free to pick up voluntary translations while maintaining his professional activity.

In case of withdrawal, another translator of the network will take over keeping in mind the moral obligation to finish the work started.

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Word Packages

For businesses and agencies with consequent and constant demand for translations, Linguaspirit has developed Word Package which is an innovative system and an efficient solution to help save time while benefiting from negociated rates.

How does it work?

  • Estimate your annual translation needs in terms of number of words
  • Identify the sources and target languages
  • We offer you a preferential rate up to 30% of our normal rate
  • Your pack is valid one year from the purchase date


  • A reduced and well controlled translation budget
  • You choose the persons/departments that may use the pack
  • No more quotation approval
  • You make only one payment

The number of words in your package


You can choose how many words you want in your package, from 2,500 words upwards. Please contact us for further information.

Calculate your quote

The calculated quotes are for illustrated purposes only.

Submit your documents in order for us to establish a precise quote for you.

Project details

Number of words:

If you do not know the number of words in your document, you can send it to us and you will receive the quote in less than an hour:

Source language:

Target language:

Type of document:General Technical


Personal Information

You are:Independent Professional

First name:




Telephone No.:

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Free trial form

Free trial form


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